Using cardano-cli with a Daedalus wallet

Emma: 30 April 2022

I want to be able to use a wallet that I have on Daedalus, but to mint some tokens. The README on cardano-cli is outdated, and obviously not working and couldn't find an up-to-date instructions to import mnemonic seed using cardano-cli.


Recovering a Daedalus wallet

For various reasons the CLI does not allow to create Daedalus compatible wallet. But it is possible to recover a wallet created on the Daedalus application.

cardano-cli wallet recover --daedalus-seed --derivation-scheme=v1 --mnemonics-length=12 --wallet-scheme=random_index_2levels MyDaedalusWallet

And that's it, you will your daedalus wallet recovered here. No need to transfer the funds to another address yet (and therefor save some transaction fees).

cardano-wallet doesn't seem to have any of those options, or at least, a resemblance of those steps

Sophia: 30 April 2022

You can use the cardano-address cli tool (