Publish and Verify the source code of a contract created by another contract on etherscan

Noah: 2 weeks ago

This is the main contract which has been verified succesfully:

This is the created contract I can't get verified:

The arguments I used are: "first", false, 0, 1000000 and msg.sender (wich is my address 0xfC164e97Df905733Bc076015722CABDfdE0bDf61)

compiler version: 0.4.23+commit.124ca40d optimization: no

I managed to get the encoded constructor arguments from


Lucas: 2 weeks ago

It's done.

You were most of the way there with your ABI-encoded constructor arguments.

It was necessary to copy the complete source from your verified factory to get it to compile, then pick out the StillBank contract. It would have to be the same compiler version that made the factory, leaving only the optimization to guess at.

enter image description here

Hope it helps.