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How to use Emacs michelson-mode with Tezos sandboxed client?

The Emacs michelson-mode relies on being able to call Tezos client. How can you use the Tezos sandboxed (https://tezos.gitlab.io/mainnet/user/sandbox.html) client for it? ....

Emma Emma: 2 hours ago


Unable to start mainnet node docker container

When starting the node directly from the docker image, I get this error: | Current public chain: 2018-06-30T16:07:32Z-betanet. | Local chain data: 2018-06-30T16:07:32Z-betanet. | Updating the node configuration... | tezos-node: Error: | Ezjsonm.Parse_error(870828711, "JSON.of_buffer expected JSON | text (JSON value)") Container SHA is d272059bf474018d0c39f5a6e60634a95f0c44aa No idea how to debug this.. ....

Elijah Elijah: yesterday


How to deploy a smart contract influenced by UI inputs using ConseilJS and SmartPy generated Michelson?

I wish to be able to create a smart contract taking input from a UI to supply parameters pubKey,prvKey,pubHash for the deployment and minAmount and maxTime to influence the Michelson. I have the following JS: function deploy(input_dict){ const tezosNode='https://rpcalpha.tzbeta.net/'; const conseilServer={url:'https://conseil-dev.cryptonomic-infra.tech:443',apiKey:'foo',network:'babylonnet'}; async function contract() { const keystore = { publicKey:input_dict, ....

William William: 2 days ago


How do rewards for revelations work?

According to the documentation a baker should receive 1/8 XTZ for making a revelation operation. As a solo baker I have baked about 8 blocks so far and as such I would expect to have received a total of 1 XTZ for revelation rewards, however I don't appear to have ....

Lucas Lucas: 2 days ago


How to prevent Taquito Tezos.estimate.transfer() from throwing a balance_too_low and cannot_pay_storage_fee error?

I have 9.9 tezos on my address tz2B35M8eHC6FhAVsQrtp8EBPri4H73w7W7C. I want to send all of it to another address tz1i4ezL2FZ1kZ8oqEY8n6wCr2eGRJPC4xin which has never been used and is thus empty. For this I need to make an estimate to get the storage limit, gas limit, operation bytes etc. I have the following ....

Benjamin Benjamin: 3 days ago


What is the syntax to define a function which returns a value, in fi

The question is really that simple - I cannot find documentation for this! there are two things I want to do: One is to define a function and be able to use a value returned from that function in another function. The the is to define a function which can ....

Ava Ava: 6 days ago


What is the financial disincentive that prevents accusers from accusing every block?

This is really a follow up to my previous question (https://tezos.stackexchange.com/questions/1581/what-are-the-financial-incentives-for-running-an-accuser) which I think may have gotten loss in the comments. Is there a security deposit required to put up for an accusation? What's the financial incentive to prevent people from accusing every block? It seems like there is big ....

Benjamin Benjamin: 6 days ago


venv / entrypoint return storage?

3 questions: 1) someone use Smartpy in a venv as a pip3 package? I was thinking about printing some variables for debug purposes — there is a similar feature in the editor? 2) if you are in a deployment situation. what's the best way to define tests and publish a ....

Liam Liam: 6 days ago


Inflation rate and economic incentives

Could someone describe the economic incentives at play when choosing the inflation rate for the tezos chain? For example currently the inflation is max 80 xtz per block which is a constant (assuming all priority 0 events during block production/endorsement see here (https://tezos.gitlab.io/tezos/whitedoc/proof_of_stake.html)), meaning that on a relative basis the ....

Evelyn Evelyn: 1 weeks ago


Maximum value for Nat in michelson

Hello what is the maximum value for natrual number in michelson or what a bigmap can handle. I am trying to write a FA1.2 contract and is concerned if there will be a maximum amount an account can hold for balance. For example in solidity there is uint256 (maximum value ....

James James: 1 weeks ago