(Dup for different SDK) How can I build a transaction with a dynamic list of mutators or operations using the JS SDK?

This is exactly what I am after but in JS. How can I build a transaction with a dynamic list of mutators or operations using the Go SDK? ( Something like this would be great, and then it'd be easy to loop over and abstract out from an array of ....

Noah Noah: 2 weeks ago


How to listen to a third party account for stellar transactions from now?

I used to start listen to events for a third party account. But it gets all events from the beginning if I don't provide a paging token. As it is a third party account, my client side application doesn't listen to the event all the time, so it doesn't ....

William William: 2 weeks ago


Why did the project settle on XDR for external data serialisation?

In recent years new protocols for externalising data have become popular. Schemes like Protocol Buffers & Avro are in common use. Stellar uses XDR (, a scheme from the 1980s which is (as far as I can tell) not popular in recent years. I don't question the decision, but I ....

Mia Mia: 2 weeks ago


Horizon captive core disk requirements and practice

Having installed and ran horizon with captive-core, it seems that memory consumption is stable (~ 4.5 G). The disk space is though increasing while transactions keep coming. Around 10G/day. From my understanding, the captive-core doesn't fetch all the history before to run. Would that mean the older data can also ....

Elijah Elijah: 2 weeks ago


Fishy or legit email from Stellar Lumen

Not sure this is the best place to ask, but I just received a weird email that got me a bit worried. I am not planning on clicking on any button, but I was wondering if that is a legit email. If not, is there room for concern? In other ....

Sophia Sophia: 3 weeks ago


Compliance Setup Configuration

In my scenario I've setup two FI's. Setting up sanction callbacks - I created fetch_info, sanctions and ask_user directories inside the compliance folder. I'm assuming the Javascript examples go inside these folders? (yes/no) 1.Does the Go server run these scripts when a request is sent or do I need to ....

Noah Noah: 3 weeks ago


What is cause of the spike in tx_bad_seq ? Presumably overloaded stellar network

Starting around Feb 15, started seeing huge spike in tx_bad_seq on my kelp server. I was using the public Horizon. You can see from the lines below the massive increase. Presumably this is due to the fully ledgers and/or timeouts on response? On a timed out response from Horizon, kelp ....

Isabella Isabella: 3 weeks ago


Are federations servers connected with each other directly?

Are federations servers connected with each other directly? How federation servers connect to each other on Stellar network? Can we keep the history on federation server? How? ....

Sophia Sophia: 3 weeks ago


TimeBounds won't execute?

I struggle using the timebounds option for an operation. Use case : I want a transaction to be executed at a precise time, not before, not after. I'm doing my tests on the test network. The transaction occured when I don't set a timeBounds, but when I do I get ....

Mia Mia: 3 weeks ago


How can I fund my Stellar wallet on the Test Network

I tried the Friendbot. It constantly returns an error opcode though. { "type": "", "title": "Transaction Failed", "status": 400, "detail": "The transaction failed when submitted to the stellar network. The `extras.result_codes` field on this response contains further details. Descriptions of each code can be found at:", "extras": { "envelope_xdr": ....

Liam Liam: 4 weeks ago