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Question on offers on Distributed Exchange

SOVED: I thought Test2 was buying 3 AXX, but in fact it was selling 3 XLM. Don't forget to check the ordering and meaning of parameters! I'm having trouble explaining what's going on with my bid and offers: Issuer: GD57JZ42YKIEDLCFIZD2BW6LIYN7KIOEMFSIL37WZ5RS7DPLEW6DOOWG Asset: AXX Test1: GC5RQZPRI2SXMOL5JP2QTJXO72IAJLGMNU7TG5ADU6OMYDEJI3APJTZI Balance: 444 AXX Test2: GBPJWQBGYSIWHFDLDKNO4XMHUC7RUOX7GBORLG4ZKUFGKWMPW77OIHXA Balance: ....

William William: 4 hours ago


Using Stellar SDK and account on Ledger

Perhaps what I am trying to do is not possible, but here is what my goal is: I want to transfer XML stored on my ledger device to another account using Stellar SDK. I have the 24 worked mneumonic, was able to enter it into the offline version of ....

Liam Liam: 2 days ago


Unable to find 5 sec slot timing in code base

I was trying to understand the stellar code base and was looking for a place where 5 sec slot timing is hardcoded (if I am not wrong). But unable to find that, instead in ovalayManagerImpl.cpp file I found that timer elapsed at every 2 sec. mTimer.expires_from_now(std::chrono::seconds(2)); Am I looking at ....

Charlotte Charlotte: 2 days ago


Preventing holder from trading asset

From stellar documentation about Control access to assets, I know that there are options can be set for the asset and options to set trustlines for holders. So, I have a question that: for example I am a issuer and I want to prevent my asset holders from trading my ....

James James: 3 days ago


How/where can I host a stellar-core watcher node outside of local?

I've recently gotten a stellar-core watcher node up on my local machine and built another separate console application to interact with the database. The database itself is hosted with Amazon RDS. The app is ready to go, I'm just looking to for a place to put it where it can ....

Benjamin Benjamin: 3 days ago


How stellar prevent DDoS

How stellar prevent DDoS attack from rest API ( ....

Liam Liam: 4 days ago


Horizon returns a 404 error upon querying just-submitted transactions

Upon the successful confirmation of a transaction submission, my app immediately queries the link to the transaction in the response. But I often receive a 404 error from Horizon. Sometimes I get a valid response. I could only surmise that this inconsistent behavior is due to the fact that the ....

Evelyn Evelyn: 4 days ago


When do validators know to push the data from the latest ledger to archive nodes?

As Validators agree on the latest transaction sets to apply to the ledger when do they know to update the data being stored in the archive nodes? Is it based on the owner of an archive node listening for quorum from a validating node that it trusts and then updating ....

Oliver Oliver: 5 days ago


Inflation pool ledger protocol

When signing up for an inflation pool the hash on my Ledger and what was being displayed on the Stellar Laboratory did not match. I know that I am signing with my Ledger but is there any way for anyone to code something that forces the Ledger to give up ....

Evelyn Evelyn: 5 days ago


is it possible to perform multiple payment operation in single transaction?

Scenario: when user pay(100%) on my website using my API in which I want to perform 2 payment operation 1. goes to production account(50% amount) 2. goes to manager account (50% amount) is this possible to achieve this in one trancation so that only one transaction hash is generated. right ....

William William: 5 days ago