Show an event with nodejs

in my Smart Contract I have a function such that it fires an event at the end of its code. function sendTran(arguments) public { *code* emit Event(argument 1,argument 3,argument 3,argument 4); } In nodejs I have an API like this'/send', function (req, res) { contractInstance.methods.sendTran(arguments).send({ *stuff* }).on('transactionHash', function(hash){ console.log(hash); ....

Emma Emma: 16 hours ago


How would you render this structure of data?

I have coded a smart contract which allows one to store a certain type of structure of datas which can be described as something like that : ├── Client1(Contract) │ ├── Year2018 (Struct containing string,uint and struct) │ │ ├── Case 1 (Struct containing string) │ │ └── Case 2 ....

James James: 17 hours ago


Trying to run dapp in metamask mobile browser

I would like to run a dapp in metamask mobile browser, but got stuck in below things: 1. Unable to view the console errors(inspect element) in the application 2. How to visualise page load values or functions? ( For eg: USERID display while loading the corresponding page) Mobile OS: Android ....

Henry Henry: 17 hours ago


Solidity: Send a new contract ether in constructor

I tried doing address NewContract = new SomeTest.value(1 ether)(); But this yields a syntax error. I try to call the payable constructor of a new contract with ether. What is the syntax for this? ....

William William: 18 hours ago


How do I know if this fake token is ERC20?

So I made a fake token, and I took the code from the website. But I'm not sure if its right.... It seems when I transfer them on the testnet in mist, mist says "50 undefined 1ee6 were transfered from..." and not the name of the token. What could ....

Oliver Oliver: 18 hours ago


Will block numbers be sequential on a sharded blockchain

When Ethereum shards (assuming it does) will the block numbers across the multiple shards be unique? I doubt it (I don't think the shards can have sequential block numbers and be independent of the other). Assuming the block numbers across shards are not sequential, then can one distinguish them across ....

Elijah Elijah: 20 hours ago


Private Ethereum nodes crash after 2-3 hours

Some background: I setup private Ethereum nodes on my local docker system and built some modules that use the web3 Ethereum client to exercise these nodes. I've been testing on it for the last 3-4 months with no issues. (atleast with Ethereum) Recently, we decided to deploy our Ethereum nodes ....

Ava Ava: 21 hours ago


Is there any Bitcoin-backed token?

Is it possible to trade BTC and other altcoins on Ethereum's blockchain? If so, how? ....

William William: 22 hours ago


low-level call failed

I'm using the crowdsale contract ( I have deployed a detailedERC20 smart contract. When I send the ether to the crowdsale contract it shows me the following error: SafeERC20: low-level call failed When I use transfer() externally it works fine. computer Environment Ganache-cli ....

Ava Ava: 23 hours ago


Loading truffle library in remix browser IDE

Besides writing smart contracts in the browser, I would also like to write my test in this IDE. Any suggestions how to load the truffle files in I appreciate your help! ....

William William: yesterday