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EOS 'newaccount' action generates the error Error: missing authority.keys (type=key_weight[])

I have created a MultiNode Setup using the Bios Boot sequence https://developers.eos.io/welcome/latest/tutorials/bios-boot-sequence. And created the accounts as 'eosio' & 'accountnum11'. I am trying create accounts using the 'eosjs' package as follows. const { Api,JsonRpc,RpcError } = require('eosjs'); const { JsSignatureProvider} = require('eosjs/dist/eosjs-jssig'); const fetch = require('node-fetch'); // node only; const ....

James James: 2 hours ago


Monitoring transactions on a private blockchain

I just started working with EOSIO and I created a private blockchain with 4 producersfollowing the bios boot sequence tutorial (https://developers.eos.io/welcome/latest/tutorials/bios-boot-sequence). My goal is to heavy-load test the network and measure the average throughput (transactions per second) and latency for a bunch of token transfers. What's more, I will probably ....

Mia Mia: 8 hours ago


ABI file not generated

I have compiled a smart contract using eosio-cpp -o addbook.wasm addbook.cpp --abigen command. Compilation was successfull and wasm file got generated. But I cant find abi. eosio-cpp version is, eosio-cpp -v clang version 7.0.0 (https://github.com/eosio/clang.git 6b886302a11a8419b76e469794ff9d0c531a4b4b) (https://github.com/eosio/llvm 9a9ff09d4302331d3289fdf58a64213506b4aefb) Target: x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu Thread model: posix InstalledDir: /usr/opt/eosio.cdt/1.6.0/bin Found candidate GCC installation: /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/4.9 ....

Benjamin Benjamin: 13 hours ago


EOS authentication

I was wondering how users will "sign in" to EOS. Users will need to share some private keys with the web app if the user wants the app to interact on its behalf with the EOS blockchain. I believe this is how steemit.com (https://steemit.com/) works. EOS seems to have an ....

Henry Henry: yesterday


Does print() cost CPU cycles?

Does eosio::print cost CPU cycles to execute on the BPs? On my node I have an option to print. Assuming it is disabled for the BPs (print defined to return; or similar), does evaluating the arguments cost CPU cycles, e.g. print("Hi", expensiveFunction()); ....

Benjamin Benjamin: 2 days ago


EOSJS error Non-base58 character

Please help! I'm currently encountering the ff. error Uncaught Error: Non-base58 character at Object.decode (eosjs-jssig.js:26) at Object.checkDecode (eosjs-jssig.js:15) at y (eosjs-jssig.js:15) at Function.g.fromString (eosjs-jssig.js:15) at new e (eosjs-jssig.js:15) at displaybal:25 Here is a snapshot of my code const defaultPrivateKey = "5JtUScZK2XEp3g9gh7F8bwtPTRAkASmNrrftmx4AxDKD5K4zDnr"; // bob const addPrivateKey = "EOS8i1CXTY4Sz39XaQWX2RpccsCZ1nWM3w9zRhjCFChdci2Y65ck4"; const rpc = ....

Liam Liam: 3 days ago


eoslime test not saving data in table

This is my first experience with eoslime as I want to do unit testing for smart contracts. Not much experienced with nodejs .I am following eoslime documentation: https://docs.eoslime.limechain.tech/examples I added user smart contract file in eoslime contracts directory. eoslime compile and eoslime deploy commands are going okay. eoslime nodeos is ....

Liam Liam: 3 days ago


set contract error

I tried to set contract with the promotion account, but kept getting this error: cleos set contract promotion car_promotion -p promotion Reading WAST/WASM from car_promotion/car_promotion.wasm... Using already assembled WASM... Publishing contract... 257134ms thread-0 main.cpp:2493 main ] Failed with error: Assert Exception (10) !"unresolvable": env.free What's wrong? ....

Lucas Lucas: 4 days ago


In Eosbetdice contract, in the transfer action, why it is able to emplace a new row in this table?

In Eosbetdice contract, https://gitlab.com/EOSBetCasino/eosbetdice_public/blob/master/EOSBetDice.cpp#L193 The code of the contract in this line should be "eosio.token". I wonder why it doesn't get "cannot modify objects in table of another contract" error as it is trigger by contract eosio.token and trying to create new record in other contract's table. ....

Evelyn Evelyn: 4 days ago


is that a good way to gather smart contract action data in backend with Demux.js?

there is a Bill functionality in my DApp, which need gather millions of EOS action data to make up a token transfer data for front end to display. the question is, it takes quite a long time. if it is executed in client side, every time the user refresh, the ....

James James: 4 days ago