What decisions are left to the slot leader?

Is the order of transactions deterministic, or is it decided by the slot leader when creating the block? Are DEX front-running attacks a possibility? Can the slot leader censor specific transactions or computations (delay them for that 20-second slot)? If there is congestion, how are the slot's resources rationed? These ....

Elijah Elijah: 11 April 2022


Stake pool leader logs

What is the earliest point to check the leader log for the next epoch using tools like cncli? I though it was 60 hours in to the current epoch, but keep getting the "Query returned no rows" error. ....

Sophia Sophia: 10 April 2022


How can I accessing Yoroi keys from a script?

Is it possible to access yoroi private keys from the outside? For example, to write a script that does something with them? ....

Charlotte Charlotte: 09 April 2022


Undelegate stake with Daedalus wallet

How do I undelegate (unstake) with Daedalus wallet to receive my 2 ADA deposit back. I remember used to be an option but it seem I can no longer find it. Is there is any way without actually using Yoroi wallet. I trying to minimize typing my keys into other ....

Noah Noah: 07 April 2022


Hardcoding currency symbol and token name in validator script

I want to be able to make calls to my custom native token module inside the validator script as I do with the Ada.hs module, but if I try I get a "E042:Error: Unsupported feature: Type constructor: GHC.Prim.ByteArray#" Error. Details below: Currently I am trying to build a simple contract ....

Benjamin Benjamin: 05 April 2022


How do I prevent text in Catalyst proposals and insights from losing formatting?

Whenever I edit text in Catalyst proposals and Insights, new-lines are dropped, text that follows bullet points gets indented and previously established formatting is disturbed. Is there a way to prevent this? e.g. use a specific browser. ....

James James: 03 April 2022


Failing to set up plutus on windows

So I'm using WSL Windows 10 and I set up IOHK hashes, but everytime I run nix-shell I get following error: build of '/nix/store/9im4jp068ykqsm4s8996px605p6zrw7q-Agda-plan-to-nix-pkgs.drv' failed. Would greatly appreciate any help. ....

Amelia Amelia: 02 April 2022


How to get around a "withdrawal address format is wrong" error?

I would like to transfer some ADA from a account to a Coinbase Pro account. To do this, I get a receive address from the Coinbase Pro web site, which I copy-paste as-is to the appropriate blank in the site's funds transfer form. After I initiate the transfer, ....

Charlotte Charlotte: 02 April 2022


Plutus Pioneer Program - Lecture #1- Cabal Build error

I started following the lectures on youtube and got this error when I try to build the English Auction Warning: The build command is a part of the legacy v1 style of cabal usage. Please switch to using either the new project style and the new-build command or the legacy ....

Alexander Alexander: 31 March 2022


Is the Cardano testnet indefinite and immutable?

As the Cardano mainnet, will the Cardano testnet be maintained indefinitely and immutably or it will perish at some point in time? ....

Emma Emma: 31 March 2022