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Could the CF (15 million) and IOG (3 million) funds be split between more small pools?

There are a lot of small pools out there that find it hard to get the minimum stake to ensure at least one block per epoch. As you may know, CF and IOG have rounds of funding every three months: CF delegates 15 million ADA and IOG 3 million. The ....

Mia Mia: yesterday


Is there an equivalent to the Wallet Connect protocol in the Cardano ecosystem?

With the Alonzo update approaching, many teams seem to be working on DeFi projects that will go out along the Smart Contracts feature. On Ethereum, most DeFi projects use the Wallet Connect ( open protocol to communicate with wallet apps, but on Cardano it appears there is no such open ....

Lucas Lucas: 6 days ago


How can you check if a local node is running properly?

I am running a Cardano node using docker, on the testnet, and now I need to check if it works properly and accepts cardano-cli arguments like querying and what not. Is there a convenient way to do it? ....

Henry Henry: 2 weeks ago


Why do we need parameterized contracts? Can't we just use datum?

While writing validation as: mkValidator :: SomeContractParam -> SomeDatum -> () -> ScriptContext -> Bool Could't we pass the same thing to Datum instead of using Contract Parameter? ....

Noah Noah: 3 weeks ago


When will fees be finalized on the Alonzo testnet to reflect mainnet experience? Will it be on Sep 1?

I noticed the fees being shown to the Alonzo testnet users haven't been representative. It was mentioned on Aug Cardano 360 it is being finalized. Will it be implemented right out of the gate on 1 September with the public testnet release? ....

Henry Henry: 3 weeks ago


Should I transfer my ADA to the latest wallet when a new era become available?

I haven't been part of a new Era change but when a new era become avaiable, should I transfer my ADA to the latest wallet? i.e. from a Shelley to a Goguen wallet. What is the process that I should perform and risks involved? What happen if I don't do ....

Benjamin Benjamin: 3 weeks ago


How to convert BuiltinData to BuiltinString?

Since I just started to write Plutus code, I want to make some tests of Plutus. For example, I'd like to know what exactly my redeemer :: BuiltinData value is. However I can't convert BuiltinData to BuiltinString which means I can't use trace :: BuiltinString -> a -> a to ....

Olivia Olivia: 4 weeks ago


Using cardano-cli with a Daedalus wallet

I want to be able to use a wallet that I have on Daedalus, but to mint some tokens. The README on cardano-cli is outdated, and obviously not working and couldn't find an up-to-date instructions to import mnemonic seed using cardano-cli. From Recovering a Daedalus wallet For various reasons ....

Sophia Sophia: 4 weeks ago


Would anyone respond / share who is working in the real estate space with Cardano?

Who is working within real estate on blockchain, and especially within ADA/Cardano? ....

Evelyn Evelyn: 4 weeks ago


Can two-factor authentication (2FA) be added to the Daedalus and Yoroi wallets?

I would like to ask if it is possible to implement 2FA at the wallets of cardano for increased security. As I see it we like to attract people from developing world they don't have access to hardware wallets and definitely the price of them isn't helping. So is it ....

Sophia Sophia: 24 April 2022