Is there a list of established sites that have started accepting Bitcoin?

Cross posted to Reddit ( I believe the Trade page ( mostly has new sites, not a lot of existing ones. To me, any existing, established site that goes Bitcoin is worth more than ten new Bitcoin-accepting sites. ....

Amelia Amelia: 13 hours ago


What is the fastest way to determine whether an address exists on the blockchain?

All I want is to determine whether a given address has ANY activity on the blockchain. I've seen projects like bitcoin-abe, which might work, but I wondered if there were a simpler way than using abe, or using a web service (I'll be querying too much for this option)? Thoughts ....

Isabella Isabella: 13 hours ago


What is the total value of XRPs or the market cap of Ripple?

On bitstamp today, $1 = 225XRP. That makes 100 billion XRPs worth $450 million. Ripple's a payment system that can't be used to buy anything yet and it's transaction credits are worth half a billion. Am I missing something here? Why is the price so high? Edit: The price doubled ....

Henry Henry: 14 hours ago


Bitcoin Mining on Office Network

I'm a bitcoin novice and i've read a bit about mining. It got me thinking that I could setup our office network to min bitcoin (obviously with permission) We have a centos linux server which is on 24/7/365 and we have 6 windows 7 machines which are on 8 hours ....

Charlotte Charlotte: 14 hours ago


Gaming Bitcoin by generating millions of wallets

What’s to stop someone from gaming the system and creating millions of wallets, increasing their odds of accidental deposits? If nothing else you could conceive of a DOS attack of sorts, where the addresses are all burned up. This seems like a major flaw to me... regardless of how many ....

James James: 15 hours ago


How to call JSON RPC API from C?

How do I make RPC calls from C? My question is related to the question: "How do I call JSON RPC API using C#? (" ....

Alexander Alexander: 16 hours ago


How to: Check whether or not transaction inputs have been previously spent

Maybe I have overlooked it, but I think the "Bitcoin Developer Reference" does not specify how a miner has to check whether or not transaction inputs have been previously spent. How is it done? And espacially how is this enforced in the process? All I found is 5.2 "process" 2.) ....

Evelyn Evelyn: 16 hours ago


Setting up Bitcoin Miner in a data center

I have been running Antminer S9 in my apartment. It is too noisy, to hot, and it ruins the ambiance of my home. So I did some research and found a data center that can host my miner. At home I access Antminer through my private IP through my router. ....

Charlotte Charlotte: 17 hours ago


Where can I find some reputable resellers of Casascius.Physical Bitcoins?

Casacsius stopped selling physical bitcoins ( directly on April 1st 2013, and instead refers people to resellers. Where can I find some reputable resellers? ....

Henry Henry: 17 hours ago


Can Multibit be set to use a SOCKS proxy on OSX?

I'd like to route my multibit traffic through TOR, but have been unsuccessful finding out if it's possible. It's certainly not in the GUI settings on OSX. ....

Ava Ava: 18 hours ago