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how to get Received Time of Transaction in validation.cpp bitcoin core

for research purpose i needed Transaction hash,size, fee and received time. i have already managed to get hash, size and fee but unable to get time. what to do? ....

Henry Henry: 4 hours ago


Can I restore a wallet using any valid 24 words?

Can I create a wallet and restore it on something like a Ledger S using any 24 words that I choose from the list of accepted words? Is there any disadvantage to creating a wallet this way instead of having say Ledger generate 24 words for me? ....

Benjamin Benjamin: 5 hours ago


Bitcoins being sent to another addres during a transaction

I realized a few days back, that if I send some bitcoins to someone, then it shows in blockchain an extra amount sent to my own wallet. So if I send 0.5 BTC from wallet A to B then blockchain shows A--> B 0.5 A-->A 1 (basically sending it to ....

Liam Liam: 6 hours ago


How similar is Blockchain (as a data structure) to double linked list?

I came across this definition of Blockchain from Oleg Andreev , who is the protocol architect of @chain - It felt like double linked list to me. ....

William William: 8 hours ago


Can malicious payer deanonymize payee in Zcash?

Looking at both the Zcash original paper ( and the updated Zcash protocol specification (, it seems that after Alice paid Bob, she can reveal to the world that she did so. Alice can do so by revealing the randomness of the new coin commitments she generated, one of which ....

Evelyn Evelyn: 9 hours ago


Why are miners allowed to change a tx id?

BIP 62 ( proposed to make transaction malleability impossible. Why was this retracted and why are miners allowed to change a transaction id? Also, what does it mean when someone says signatures cannot sign themselves? Is this implying we not only need a signature for the transaction, we need another ....

James James: 10 hours ago


how to get block information using node js

I have used bitcoin-core package in node js to get the information about the block detail using rpc command. For example: var Client = require('bitcoin-core'); const client = new Client({ headers:'false', host:'', network:'testnet', password:'xxxx',port:'18332', ssl: { enabled: false, strict: false }, timeout:'3000', username:'xxxx' }); client.getBlockchainInformation().then((help) => console.log(help)); It throws below ....

Ava Ava: 10 hours ago


Is there a list of established sites that have started accepting Bitcoin?

Cross posted to Reddit ( I believe the Trade page ( mostly has new sites, not a lot of existing ones. To me, any existing, established site that goes Bitcoin is worth more than ten new Bitcoin-accepting sites. ....

Amelia Amelia: 11 hours ago


What is the fastest way to determine whether an address exists on the blockchain?

All I want is to determine whether a given address has ANY activity on the blockchain. I've seen projects like bitcoin-abe, which might work, but I wondered if there were a simpler way than using abe, or using a web service (I'll be querying too much for this option)? Thoughts ....

Isabella Isabella: 12 hours ago