How to sign the transaction using Geth in android

I'm using Geth.aar library for handling ethereum. I generated the address, gas price, gas estimation, and transaction count. now I want to sign the transaction. Please help who knows the answer. ....

Ava Ava: yesterday


How does Bitcoin Gold implement replay protection?

The creators of Bitcoin Gold claim that they have implemented full replay protection. How does this replay protection work? ....

Benjamin Benjamin: yesterday


How to transition to PoS?

I'm trying to find the details of the coming PoW to PoS transition, but all I could find were generic explanations why it was so good. Can somebody point me to a resource or just explain in a few words a couple of details? In particular, suppose I run a ....

Evelyn Evelyn: yesterday


Why choose the longest chain before checking for double-spending?

Can we make the following changes to the current POW protocol to better avoid double-spending: a) For full/mining nodes that receive two chains, check if there are identical addresses that occur on both chains that perform double-spending. If there are any, ignore the chain that would result in the node ....

William William: yesterday


Would "Clearing" Blocks Diminish the Size Of The Blockchain?

As I understand the EVM has the ability to "clear" or "delete" information from future blocks. However, all older blocks would still contain contract information. If a sizable amount of information is cleared from future blocks, could this considerably diminish the file size of the blockchain? ....

Charlotte Charlotte: yesterday


Are the mining incentives of bitcoin compatible with the existence of a competing Proof-of-Work chain?

Scenario A: A chain split occurs due to a bug or contentious rule change (i.e. the miner incentives aren't changed in any way). Both coins initially start out with the same difficulty (and won't change for another 2016 blocks, in the worst case), but their market price will vary. A ....

Olivia Olivia: yesterday


How much memory do I need to synchronize my nodeos with the mainnet and use it say for a year?

Maybe this is not a precise question, but could you provide a rough estimation of how much memory (both RAM and hard drive) do I need to maintain my local node in synch with the mainnet for a year? I am not going to be a block producer, but just ....

Lucas Lucas: yesterday


can't see ether in ethereum wallet

I sent some ether from kraken to my ethereum wallet in January 2017. Recently, I decided that it is time to receive it. shows that it was successfully sent and was in block 3012342. My ethereum wallet is syncing for several weeks now and I still don't see my ....

William William: yesterday


cant call contract instances on my UI

I want to be able to display the read functions of my contract on a UI. These are the calls I make to my UI Those functions work perfectly in the console using node but when i try to call them from my UI it doesnt work contract.methods.sellPrice().call((err, result) => ....

Amelia Amelia: yesterday


How to reach to one chain when hard fork is performed?

Assume that reward policy of Ethereum is changed from 3eth to 1eth. Hard fork is ongoing but, there are miners who don't consider updating their software. what happens? The miner who did update will record reward of coinbase transaction as 1eth, but the miner who didn't update will record reward ....

Henry Henry: yesterday