Can't install solc on Mac OS X

I can't install solc on Mac OS X. I have tried the following: npm install solc /Users/punddalinni └── solc@0.3.0-1 npm WARN enoent ENOENT: no such file or directory, open '/Users/punddalinni/package.json' npm WARN punddalinni No description npm WARN punddalinni No repository field. npm WARN punddalinni No README data npm WARN punddalinni ....

Oliver Oliver: 20 hours ago


How does EOS scale?

How does EOS handle the long term blockchain size? with thousands of transactions faster than bitcoin wouldn't the blockchain become too large to manage ....

Noah Noah: 20 hours ago


How to make fair gas consumption of smart contract users

i have made a contract that 2 users participate in the smart contract, both users do the same steps however i notice it that user1 pay more gas ( transaction gas and execution gas ) than user 2 any idea to make it fair for both ? this is one ....

Oliver Oliver: 21 hours ago


Faster way of getting contract property in Web3js

Using web3js 0.20.2 and truffle-contract, I have been getting public properties of my contract by doing Foo.deployed().then(function(instance) { => { console.log(r) }) }); Came across a less verbose way of writing the same code (, which does something like Foo.deployed().then(function(instance) { console.log(instance.rate()) }); In the linked webpage, the author ....

Sophia Sophia: 21 hours ago


Why can't Bitcoin use a very large blocksize such as 1GB?

In the current blocksize limit debate multiple proposals have been made. Bitcoin XT implements an increase to 8MB right away plus a doubling every two years. A competing approach used 20MB. What specifically would make it a bad idea to go with a very high limit such as 1GB as ....

Henry Henry: 22 hours ago


Make a GET Request over the Binance Smart Chain with a Chainlink Oracle

I am trying to call to an BSC Oracle to make an HTTP request according this ChainLink example ( In my example I am goin to use the BSC mainnet 56 and a other JobID obviously: My steps: I created the contract with this zenAPIs get request contract and jobID ....

Charlotte Charlotte: 22 hours ago


What info do I need in a form where people can pay/donate with Bitcoin?

I'm a developer and looking to create a form where people can pay/donate money in Bitcoin. Many have suggested to just post the recipient wallet address and let folks take that and go off and pay on their own. However, I don't want that. I would like to create a ....

Olivia Olivia: 23 hours ago


Dealing with parameter overflow

Can parameter overflow be prevented in the contract, or does it have to be dealt with on the frontend? Solidity: contract parameterOverflows { uint8 selectedCharacter; modifier onlyCharacter(uint8 _character) { require(_character < 256); _; } function selectCharacter(uint8 _character) public onlyCharacter(_character) { selectedCharacter = _character; } } If selectCharacter(257) is called, selectedCharacter ....

Ava Ava: 23 hours ago


Can I use conversation messages stored on Blockchain

I'm new to Blockchain and exploring if I can safely store textual and media content in the transaction. This will help me with the following outcomes I can have a safe, secure storage of contents between users I can share it later with any other user at ease There is ....

Amelia Amelia: yesterday


Size of the blockchain after pruning

What is the size of the blockchain stored on a user harddrive after pruning has occurred? ....

Sophia Sophia: yesterday