Where can I find some reputable resellers of Casascius.Physical Bitcoins?

Casacsius stopped selling physical bitcoins ( directly on April 1st 2013, and instead refers people to resellers. Where can I find some reputable resellers? ....

Henry Henry: 15 hours ago


Show an event with nodejs

in my Smart Contract I have a function such that it fires an event at the end of its code. function sendTran(arguments) public { *code* emit Event(argument 1,argument 3,argument 3,argument 4); } In nodejs I have an API like this'/send', function (req, res) { contractInstance.methods.sendTran(arguments).send({ *stuff* }).on('transactionHash', function(hash){ console.log(hash); ....

Emma Emma: 15 hours ago


Can Multibit be set to use a SOCKS proxy on OSX?

I'd like to route my multibit traffic through TOR, but have been unsuccessful finding out if it's possible. It's certainly not in the GUI settings on OSX. ....

Ava Ava: 16 hours ago


How would you render this structure of data?

I have coded a smart contract which allows one to store a certain type of structure of datas which can be described as something like that : ├── Client1(Contract) │ ├── Year2018 (Struct containing string,uint and struct) │ │ ├── Case 1 (Struct containing string) │ │ └── Case 2 ....

James James: 16 hours ago


Trying to run dapp in metamask mobile browser

I would like to run a dapp in metamask mobile browser, but got stuck in below things: 1. Unable to view the console errors(inspect element) in the application 2. How to visualise page load values or functions? ( For eg: USERID display while loading the corresponding page) Mobile OS: Android ....

Henry Henry: 17 hours ago


Solidity: Send a new contract ether in constructor

I tried doing address NewContract = new SomeTest.value(1 ether)(); But this yields a syntax error. I try to call the payable constructor of a new contract with ether. What is the syntax for this? ....

William William: 17 hours ago


How do I know if this fake token is ERC20?

So I made a fake token, and I took the code from the website. But I'm not sure if its right.... It seems when I transfer them on the testnet in mist, mist says "50 undefined 1ee6 were transfered from..." and not the name of the token. What could ....

Oliver Oliver: 18 hours ago


Is there a way to estimate the price based on the blockchain?

Suppose I need a rough estimate of the current value of BTC in USD, is there anything in the blockchain that could be used for that? For example, is there some kind of correlation between block difficulty vs price, number of transaction vs price, etc? ....

Noah Noah: 18 hours ago



Some people have suggested repurposing OP_NOP3 as a new opcode, OP_CHECKSEQUENCEVERIFY. What would the new opcode do? Why is it useful? Can't the signer choose the sequence field when they sign? ....

Olivia Olivia: 19 hours ago


Are Bitcoin core devs contributing to ISO/TC 307 Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies

I was just being made aware of the standardization process about blockchain and distributed Leger technologies. In this picture from the talk that I am attending you can see that many institutions are part of the process: However I did not see any institution close to Bitcoin development. I ....

Oliver Oliver: 19 hours ago