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Why does getdata have a field for the number of inventory entries?

After a node receives an inv message, you can get the data for each tx/block hash using getdata: getdata - Request a single block or transaction by hash. So if you can only get one tx or block at a time, what's the purpose of having a field in the ....

Liam Liam: 27 minutes ago


Which software is considered as an EVM Interpreter?

I am reading an article which talks about EVM interpreter but does not provide the name of interpreter. Is solc an EVM interpreter? Zulfi. ....

Olivia Olivia: 57 minutes ago


transaction "unconfirmed," no idea what the problem is, running updated bitcoin core

The transaction 0ee906dd3a240d3776d609853a7e855ed813b8a1e51328405145a8cffecbb804 has been unconfirmed for six hours. I have no idea what the problem, it just says "unconfirmed transaction!". Is there anything I can do? My bitcoin core was recently updated so i don't think it's a transaction fee problem. ....

Mia Mia: 1 hour ago


How is related to EOS? What is their history?

From what I know is the development company to help build out EOS. But what is the history of How did win the rights to build out EOS vs another company? Were there other companies that were competing to build it out? ....

Oliver Oliver: 1 hour ago


import full block error

~/tezos/tezos-node snapshot import mainnet.full --data-dir /mnt/data/tezos data from : mainnet.full When I use alove command ,I got a error: snapshot: Setting current head to block BLFEN3YgnQu4EWomdx9mAa3bqAzVxK7iowQy27Wy9j4wZYMNY4M Nov 3 12:22:42 - node.main: Cleaning directory /mnt/data/tezos because of failure tezos-node: Error: Invalid block BLFEN3YgnQu4 Failed to validate the economic-protocol content of the ....

Alexander Alexander: 2 hours ago


Expected identifier but got reserved keyword 'reference' Product public reference; ^-------^

hello guys I am a beginner. I would like to make a function for create a contract. I found a example on the internet but gives me an error so I dont know what should I do. Anyone can help me ? pragma solidity ^0.5.0; contract Product { Factory public ....

Henry Henry: 2 hours ago


Resubmitting the same transaction

A common concern for dapps using public blockchains is to check that a submitted transaction was included in a block after some time. And, if not, try to resubmit the same transaction (I mean, using the same nonce, perhaps with a higher gas price). Does anyone have recommendations/existing code to ....

Alexander Alexander: 3 hours ago


What is the exact size and weight of a 2-of-2 P2WSH input?

I'm proofreading an article mentioning the cost reduction of P2TR for Lightning channels in comparison to P2WSH. To that end, I'm looking for the precise weight, vsize and serialized length of a 2-of-2 P2WSH input. ....

Lucas Lucas: 3 hours ago


How does `createrawtransaction` and `fundrawtransaction` work with Elements?

I know how to create and fund bitcoin transactions using createrawtransaction and fundrawtransaction methods. I tried to use the same methods in Elements to create a transaction on regtest and I'm a bit confused now. What I'm trying to do precisely is having a node who only have a watch-only ....

Emma Emma: 4 hours ago


Get the status of transaction

Looking for a way to understand success (or failure) for ethereum transaction. When we execute a contract method (send transaction) we receive it hash. Transaction is added to the block, block is added into chain and waiting for to be mind. It should be mined on one node and on ....

Mia Mia: 4 hours ago