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Ubuntu bitcoin PPA

Since bitcoin is a software package that involves "real" money (inasmuch as any currency is "real"), I know there are major incentives for unscrupulous people to build backdoors into software related to bitcoin. For example, consider the current warning in IRC#bitcoin: "...All keys generated with should be considered compromised" ....

Emma Emma: 6 minutes ago


How does Aavegotchi attach wearable NFTs to gotchi NFTs?

Aavegotchi (and presumably many other NFT games) have different types of NFTs, some of which can be attached to others. For example: An Aavegotchi ghost, or gotchi, is an NFT with attributes that help define one gotchi from another. You can buy and sell gotchis on the market. They seem ....

Oliver Oliver: 36 minutes ago


Geth IPC endpoint unavailable after upgrading from 1.3.5 to 1.4.10

This question is somewhat related to this ( one. Following the suggestion in the comments from this ( one, I upgraded geth to v1.4.10 and launched it and launched it on a private net: geth --datadir "data_dir" --mine --minerthreads 3 --networkid 13 --rpcapi eth,web3,personal --rpc --maxpeers 0 which outputs: I0728 ....

Amelia Amelia: 1 hour ago


Front-end IPFS library

I'm looking for a light IFPS library that I can include on the front-end. I only need to save files and retrieve the hash. Using Browserify on is about 2.2mb, which seems high. Looks good but hasn't been updated in two years. ....

Olivia Olivia: 1 hour ago


Deployment of Blockchain Dapp application on cloud!

I have my dapp in progress using PrivateNet, Metamask, HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT & Solidity in Ethereum. After the finishing of my application I just wanted to host my application on cloud. As of now when I searched for the deployment, I didn't get such blockchain environment like Heroku . Can ....

Mia Mia: 2 hours ago


How to use Emacs michelson-mode with Tezos sandboxed client?

The Emacs michelson-mode relies on being able to call Tezos client. How can you use the Tezos sandboxed ( client for it? ....

Emma Emma: 2 hours ago


EOS 'newaccount' action generates the error Error: missing authority.keys (type=key_weight[])

I have created a MultiNode Setup using the Bios Boot sequence And created the accounts as 'eosio' & 'accountnum11'. I am trying create accounts using the 'eosjs' package as follows. const { Api,JsonRpc,RpcError } = require('eosjs'); const { JsSignatureProvider} = require('eosjs/dist/eosjs-jssig'); const fetch = require('node-fetch'); // node only; const ....

James James: 3 hours ago


Question on offers on Distributed Exchange

SOVED: I thought Test2 was buying 3 AXX, but in fact it was selling 3 XLM. Don't forget to check the ordering and meaning of parameters! I'm having trouble explaining what's going on with my bid and offers: Issuer: GD57JZ42YKIEDLCFIZD2BW6LIYN7KIOEMFSIL37WZ5RS7DPLEW6DOOWG Asset: AXX Test1: GC5RQZPRI2SXMOL5JP2QTJXO72IAJLGMNU7TG5ADU6OMYDEJI3APJTZI Balance: 444 AXX Test2: GBPJWQBGYSIWHFDLDKNO4XMHUC7RUOX7GBORLG4ZKUFGKWMPW77OIHXA Balance: ....

William William: 3 hours ago


Does externally owned account have two parameters ("codehash" and "storage root")?

I often see the following figure. That figure explains to me that every contract account has four parameters for computing the global state root. But I can't understand what parameters the externally owned account has for calculating the global state root. I think the user's account should have two parabeters(nonce ....

Mia Mia: 4 hours ago


how transaction in block-chain is validated

Please explain complete procedure/journey how transaction in block-chain get validated by miners, From broadcast of transaction to become part of new block. ....

Olivia Olivia: 4 hours ago